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Days in the Month of November

During the month of November, thoughts turn toward the beginning of winter and the holiday season. It is the month that is named for the ninth (Novem) month in the early Roman calendar that was, and still is, a social time of...

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The “Winterfylleth” Month of October

During the month of October, autumn comes into full swing. In the ancient Roman calendar, October was the name of the eighth month of the year. Its name comes from “octo,” the Latin word for “eight.” When the Romans converted to a 12-month calendar, they tried to...

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The Mellow Month of September

Written by: Diana Blidy During the mellow month of September, we say goodbye to summer and welcome fall. The name “September” derives from the Latin root “Septem,” meaning seven because this month had originally been the seventh month in the early Roman calendar. We...

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The Summer Month of August

August is the month in which you reap what you’ve sown, quite literally because this is the month in which summer vegetables are ready to be harvested. It is also a great time of year in the Southern Hemisphere because the weather there is like the month of February...

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The Dog Days of Summer

Here we are in the sizzling, dazzling month of July, one of the hottest months in the year. July 3 begins the start of what is known as the hot and sultry “Dog Days of Summer” and is also a great month for stargazing and seeing bright planets. The summer of planets...

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June Is Bustin’ Out All Over

June, the sixth month of the calendar year, is one of the brightest and most pleasant months of the year. It marks the transition between the renewal of spring and the delights of summer. Each year, generally on June 21, the sun reaches its highest point above the...

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Road Trips in June

June is busting out all over with lovely, longer days, warmer weather and opportunities to travel to new places, either in person or by virtual travel. As the world begins to open up post-COVID-19, there are lots of places reopening and just waiting for you to...

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The Merry Month of May

May, the fifth month of the calendar year, is largely believed to have been named for the Roman goddess Maia, who oversaw the growth of plants. May also is said to have come from the Latin word “mairoes” meaning “elders” and are also celebrated in some fashion during...

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