2021 begins a new year and opportunities to explore new horizons. Even though we are still somewhat restricted in how and where we can physically travel this month, there are many opportunities to take some wonderful road trips virtually on YouTube. Here are some virtual tours you may enjoy from the comfort of your cozy chair:

1. Ring Road, Iceland: Iconic and exotic, this virtual trip takes you around the entire island of island, giving viewers a feel for the countryside and coastline and, of course, the country’s iconic attractions, such as waterfalls and volcanos.

2. Pacific Coast Highway, California: Journey up the California coastline on a road that offers great ocean views, wildlife and some California sunshine. Whet your appetite during the section from downtown Monterey to the start of the Nacimiento-Fergusson Road.

3. Trollstigen Road, Norway: This trip explores the dramatic mountains along the historic Trollstigen Road that has hairpin turns and steep inclines.

4. Lairg to Laxford Bridge, Scotland: The Scottish Highlands are rich in history and views. This virtual excursion from Lairg to Laxford Bridge is one of the country’s most stunning road trips, which allow travelers a 360-degree feature to enhance the views.