As the weather in November turns cooler and the autumn leaves start to fall, it’s nice to be able to get cozy in a comfortable chair with a cup of warm apple cider and a slice of pumpkin pie at the ready. Then open your laptop or computer and take a virtual tour of a few interesting and unique places such as the United States Air Force Museum in recognition of Veteran’s Day, or enjoy visiting a turkey farm, learn to make hay or simply take in the beauty of autumn. Here are some virtual tours you may enjoy. Happy Fall Y’all!


  1. The National Museum of the United States Air Force: Located by the historic Wright Field, this museum tour allows a visit to the galleries and exhibits with guided hotspots. Also available is a Cockpit360 app for smartphones that allows you a 360 view of the inside of many types of aircraft.
  2. Making hay in South Dakota: In this virtual tour, you will help cut the grass in a John Deere 7330 hooked to the MoCo. Then you’ll see how the hay is left to dry out, then is raked, baled, and eventually hauled to market or storage.
  3. Travel to central Minnesota to the Oakdale Turkey Farm just before Thanksgiving to see how turkeys are raised for market.
  4. Autumn in Rocky Mountain National Park: Take a short hike through the fall foliage. Begin the day at Sprague Lake and watch the early morning sunrise on the mountains. Then, catch some amazing reflections of the mountains in the lake.
  5. The Beauty of the Autumn Roads: Travel virtually down some of the most colorful and autumn leaf-filled roadways in the United States.