If you are dreaming to get away while being “stuck” at home, here are a few wonderful mental vacations you can take to explore some beautiful places, historic locations and other unique locations via a virtual tour:

1. National Air and Space Administration (NASA): You can take a virtual tour of Langley Research Center in Virginia as well as the Glenn Research Center in Ohio and see all of the important work done on the nation’s space program at these facilities.

2. Times Square: Few places in New York City are more well-known than Times Square, the hustling center of the “city that never sleeps.” Webcams show street views and aerial views of Times Square 24 hours a day.

3. Colonial Williamsburg: Here, you can learn about the days of the American Revolution by watching live webcams of Colonial Williamsburg, which focuses on the areas of town including Raleigh Tavern, the courthouse, capitol building, and Merchants Square.

4. Anne Frank House: This 360-degree virtual tour explores the house the Frank family hid in during the Holocaust. You can view an online exhibit of Anne’s story and see a version of their secret annex.