By Beryl Jacobi


During our lives
Some of us have
A mountain placed
In front of us.
We take five steps up –
And slide back two!
How do we think we will make it up to the top – what to do?
I was almost there,
To the top of my mountain,
When I said a prayer;


“God, please help me find my way to
be my ‘Fulfilled Best Self ’ again.”


Lo and behold, I found myself
Living on the top of the Mountainside Apartments at
Morningside, A marvelous senior retirement community.
The Director, Staff, and Residents show caring and love,
humor and laughter.


What a blessing to be my “Fulfilled Best Self ”
at the top of my mountain.


It’s natural to wonder what Heaven must be like.
Well, living in the Morningside community is
just practice for living in Heaven.


“Climb Every Mountain”
from the Sound of Music Movie.
Dedicated to my Family, my Church FCC, and the Staff and Residents of Morningside.