Morningside of Fullerton is using technology to redefine senior fitness and support healthy aging with its recent installation of a full circuit of HUR strength training equipment with HUR SmartTouch technology. The decision to incorporate progressive technology into an already robust wellness program is the result of an ongoing commitment to make physical health a priority of community life at Morningside.

Morningside received the HUR equipment in November, and already 20% of their residents are using it daily. Engineered specifically for older adults, HUR machines are equipped with HUR SmartTouch technology, which allows wellness staff to enter each resident’s personal training program into the SmartTouch system. The system then guides each user through workout sessions, automatically adjusting the machines to the user’s preferences, such as seat height, resistance, and the number of reps, as well as tracks the user’s process. Not only does this empower residents to work out independently, but it also delivers real-time data to wellness staff so that they can monitor individual progress and track changes in each user.

Resident Carolyn Small uses the equipment weekly and says it has completely changed her workout routine. “I’ve always been active, but when I used regular machines, I needed assistance,” said Small. “With the HUR equipment, it’s a better workout and I don’t need help. It’s extremely user-friendly.”

A recent study found that 55% of participants saw a reduced rate of falls following a regular exercise routine using HUR progressive resistance machines and balance exercises. Morningside of Fullerton is the first retirement community in Orange County to offer this HUR equipment to seniors. The gym has six total machines, three of which perform two exercises.

“HUR is a truly exceptional program for seniors in that it takes all the guesswork out of a training program,” said Dianna Smock, fitness manager at Morningside of Fullerton. “In just under a month, we’ve seen residents become more active because we’ve incorporated HUR into our wellness program. Because HUR is so user-friendly and provides independence, our residents are more inclined to try it out, and I believe that’s what sets it apart from other pieces of equipment.”

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